*Fundraiser this Season*


This season I am deciding to try and make difference in Single Mom’s and children’s lives who are homeless. They have no food or shelter and are stuck in poverty. 80% of homeless people are Single Mom’s with children!

Please check out my Fundraiser and Charity and feel free to share the link or this post! Let’s unite together to make a huge difference for someone who has next to nothing! Thank you in advance!


Signing off~ Uninhibited Ladi ❤




Do you ever feel like your life is going nowhere fast and then suddenly it slows to a rolling lull where nothing happens? It can seem like centuries that you have been waiting for something… anything to happen. Just for you to move forward or in the right direction would be enough, and you are sitting there wondering when your breakthrough will surface and waiting for your miracle to come?

“The Miracle”:

“After an overdue heart-to-heart discussion with a long-term friend, I am sharing my blog with her for the first time today.”

(I read this on a blog post from @themiracleisaroundthecorner)

I cannot express how deeply these words touched me today, because this is exactly what happened to me. It’s funny isn’t it, how some of the same events can happen at the same time as others whether you are near or far?! This also spoke to me because I know I was meant to see this blog. The miracle is around the corner is an answer I have been waiting for and in many ways was exactly what my friend was telling me. I am beyond grateful for that conversation that happened tonight.

I have been stagnant for so long, waiting and wondering when it’s time to make my next move in life. Where to go? What should I do? Am I doing the right thing? Did I make a wrong choice? I don’t want to make a wrong choice or another mistake, yet again! Maybe I should not make a choice at all and just let life happen! I don’t know what to do anymore. I hit a brick wall, and can’t see the future! I am in a box and blocked on all sides. Many times daily, I have made moves towards a direction that I thought I should be going towards, and every single time I have tried, the doors are never open. They are sealed shut!  Being a Single Mom, raising a child, and living in the real world is not easy. We have it a million times harder when having all the responsibility put on our shoulders bearing all of life’s weight. Not to say that Married Mothers don’t, but they do have help most of the time at least, whereas Single Moms do not. Even children of Single parents feel that they are all alone in life, because parents are struggling to juggle relationships with their children while maintaining everything else that comes along in life. I have been battling life struggles for so long that at times I feel buried under cement, crushed and dead from fighting. While my child and I have in the past and now continue to struggle for finances to pay off debt, a job, food on the table, and clothes to wear… I am grateful for a roof over our head and the family that I do have that has helped us in whatever way they can.

Most of the time I feel though, that I am completely alone. However, I know that I am not alone and as I have said in a previous blog post, neither are you. There are many people out there in this world facing similar or the exact circumstances in life as my child and I. I believe the Universe brings situations and people in your life to show you that you are certainly not alone in this race and that there are people who can help you if you just speak up and reach out. I have been praying lately for a miracle. A breakthrough to help guide me towards what I need to do in life since I’ve felt I keep hitting brick walls.

I believe today that a breakthrough has come and my brick wall has opened. My miracle is right around the corner. My miracle is helping others. I am not sure how exactly this is going to happen but I know it will soon. I want and desire to help Single Moms and children just like me and my child. People who have next to nothing. I want to see them grow and flourish in this world that can be so overwhelming and consuming of destitution and pain. I want to see the light in their eyes that shows hope and faith in a better world, knowing that they can make it and are not alone because someone was able to help and believe in them. *If this is you or you know someone who fits this description, I invite you to contact me and reach out. Contact me here or @ nations_healer@yahoo.com. Share with me your struggles and pain. There are strength in numbers and there are ways where we can help find solutions and bloom like a gorgeous flower that has broken through the pavement!* Your breakthrough is near and my miracle is on the way!               Don’t you want that too?th-6

Signing off~ Uninhibited Ladi ❤

*Enough of the Negative Already*


You know, life would be so much easier if everyone would stop and look at ways to see the positive in everything. Different results would develop and hope would once again enter into the world to make it into a brighter place. This world has become so depressing and negative lately, that it sometimes feels as if I am walking into a morgue, when I roll out of bed to get up and face the day. I have been surrounded by negative talk a lot lately and I feel like I must speak out and say ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! I don’t particularly mean in my home, but I am talking about the media, social networking, work, family, friends and even through text on the phone. This tends to always happens with people who we are surrounded by on a daily basis.

What boggles my mind is how negativity can be so easy for people and it seems like it comes naturally. Or how it rolls off peoples tongues as if it’s the right thing to do in human nature. This problem is not coming from just a few people in life in random places, but it’s everywhere, all the time. Negativity is like a plague that hit hard and heavy and is spreading across time zones, or like a cancerous disease that lingers slowly and starts draining the life out of you and then in a blink of an eye, quickly strikes your life away in two weeks flat.

Is this toxic disease (I’ll call it), contagious, hereditary, the cause of someones upbringing? Why do people see the need to think this way? Why do people want to speak negatively out into the Universe? Are people jealous and wish ill will towards others and or do they think it will bring ratings on T.V.? Is it a bad habit they can’t break? Is it because they themselves have never experienced positivity? Or is it because they have nothing better to do with their lives?

Negativity sickens me to the core! I physically start to feel ill when I hear negative thoughts surround me from other people’s words. The more you are around negative speaking people, the more negativity comes towards you, like a magnet. So what I have been doing and learning more and more is to just to stop the conversation exactly like the bird above in the picture. I turn off whatever I am hearing, close my ears and walk away when I hear comments going into the negative zone. I will even get in my car and drive away to clear my head of those things I heard and begin to focus on positive thoughts. It’s like detoxing slowly from drugs and awaiting ice cold water to wash over your head to shock you awake and take some of the pain away for a moment. After your head is numb, the thoughts in your mind begin to take on a slow and steady breathing state. You can then start to refill your brain with positive thoughts and go back in to the world to spread light and sunshine through your words.

Like a magnet for negativity, the same goes for positivity. Surrounding yourself with positive thoughts and positive people brings positive results. In turn you will begin to see a stress free lifestyle daily and find that hope emerges for the future in a positive way! Make it a point to wake up on the right side of the bed no matter what your circumstances are, even if it’s the hardest thing you will ever do. Believe me I know firsthand it is not easy, but this is exactly what I am starting to do and I have began to see great changes and positive outcomes in a short amount of time. I think that shutting out the negative and focusing on the positive, through music, thoughts, actions, and interactions will help make this world a better and safer place. Like rubbing a magic lamp and dreaming of a wish, rub off your positivity on someone today! Just food for thought.

Signing off~ Uninhibited Ladi ❤

*Within the Fog*



Walking sluggish, slightly stepping motions rolling forward, tiptoeing through the dense fog. Fog surrounding, wrapping itself around me, with a shivering cloak touched with the drenched and misted cold air. I weep, I sigh. I wake, I cry. My lead heavy head drags from one side to the next to balance my body from falling down from bed. No shelter from the damp frigid weight I feel digging down to my core. My stomach jolts and tumbles and shouts “let me free, let me out… Send me peace from my tortured soul, make me well, make me whole”. I weep, I sigh, I wake, I cry. All I long to do is lay down and die. I know that this cannot be. As I walk on this never ending journey. A path of dead ends, where new life refuses to simply begin. The fog rolls in and I am marching in time to the beat of my dying heart pumping a near flatline. I weep, I sigh, I wake, I cry.

~Uninhibited Ladi*

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*D.W. Street Art*

ImageImage                                               ImageImageImageImage

David Walker is a Street Artist from London, whose work, I truly Love. Street Art is one of my favorite types of art. In particular though, the reason I like him is that I enjoy how he depicts and emulates the emotions on his subjects as close to reality as possible. The emotions are truly relatable which touches my soul. The colors he uses impacts the subjects and brings to light a vivid depth of perception in his use of space and creativity. Who are some artists that you enjoy? Share with me.

Signing off~Uninhibited Ladi ❤

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*Nomination Sensation*

Liebster Award ~ Be Connected to Budding Bloggers posted in AwardBlogging 101

liebsterawardI got nominated for the Liebster Award! So grateful! Thank you so much to World of Mymae for nominating me! I appreciate her sweetness and sincerity, creative mindset, beautiful soul and humbleness. If you’re looking for something stimulating in your writing journey, you should definitely take a look at her blog World of Mymae.

These are the rules:
The Liebster Award is awarded to bloggers with under 200 followers to try to promote their blog a little and also bring together a community of bloggers.
The rules of the competition are as follows:
  • The nominated user must provide a link back to the person who nominated them.
  • Provide 11 facts about yourself.
  • Answer 11 questions set by the person who nominated you. 
  • Choose 11 more people and ask them 11 questions.               
* 11 Facts about Me *~
1. I believe New York is the most magical place on earth.
 2. If it wasn’t for my teenager, I wouldn’t be the person I am today and I Love her to pieces.
 3. I have a passion to help Single Moms, and my heart goes out to them dearly.
 4. If I could Travel the world to speak to and help all Single Moms financially and or in any other way I could, I would.
  5. I am a coffee fiend. (Regular plain coffee? NEVER~ but Mocha’s, expresso’s, etc.~ Oh YES!)
 6. Painting, writing, poetry, singing are all tremendous outlets for me and help my soul release tension.
 7. I am an extroverted~introvert or introverted~extrovert, whatever fits my mood and timing.
 8. I am a bookworm.
 9. I am a Dog person, not a cat person.
 10. I will retire someday in Italy or Spain.
 11. I believe in God and I believe the in the law of attraction and that the Universe conspires to bring all things good to everyone.
 * 11 Questions from MyMae *~ 
1.When was the last time you cried?
When I saw a Baby Bunny sitting on the grass in my front yard in the early morning the week after easter! The most precious little life was born before Easter.     
2. If you were another person, would you be friends with you? Why?
Well not to be bias but I think I would because of my loyalty and giving heart, not to mention encouraging others.
3. Would you do bungee jumping?
I am not an extreme sports type of gal but if it was with someone who might be the right person that I was comfortable with and I was in a right moment maybe. Can’t say for sure though. I’m not crazy about heights but I love to fly and travel, so…?
4. What is your least favorite thing about yourself?
My childhood.
5. What is the first thing you notice about people?
Their Shoes, then their voice. Maybe both at the same time, it depends. If I like what I see and hear, then I’ll keep noticing more, if not then I look the other way and am turned off. (Weird, I know).
6. What is your favorite smells?
Coconut, Ocean (Fresh, Crisp, Clean) Scents, Burning Firewood.
7. Mountain hide-away or beach house – Why?
Beach House~ Love the Beach! HATE the mountains.
8. What is the farthest you have been from home?
9. Do you have special talent?
Not sure if it’s Special, but I love to write, paint, & sing music.
10. Do you use sarcasm a lot?
I actually can’t stand sarcasm, in people in real life, but I like watching it in movies. 
11. Were you named after anyone?
No and thank God! However, I do wish I had a different name. I might even change it just because. (Was that sarcastic? lol)
*My NOMINATIONS*:                                                                                               
Angela Tamayo
Maria Brinkley, arti…
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*My 11 Questions for my Nominees*:
1. If you could turn back the clock and make one do over in life what would it be and why?
2. If you had to move right now and live there for the rest of your life where would it be?
3. If you could make a difference in someone’s life what would you do?
4. What is your favorite song?
5. Where is your favorite place to relax?
6. What is your favorite book to read?
7. If you could give one piece of advice to me what would it be?
8. What is your favorite childhood memory?
9. Who is your greatest inspiration?
10. Choose one word that describes you best and then tell me why.
11. What did you want to be growing up and what are you now?
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*Behind the Beauty of Art*

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Van Gogh, Picasso, Michelangelo, Monet= Classics. These are artists who, even if you’re not an art lover or you like art but don’t know too much about paintings and artwork, you’ve heard these names a number of times, I’m sure. There are billions of artists known and unknown out there in this world. We pass by art everyday, whether we open our eyes to it or not, but indeed we are surrounded by it. Photography, mixed media, painting, drawings, street art, pictures in the froth on coffee, clouds, and even sunsets and sunrises by the hand of God and the universe!

The question that is presented in this daily prompt is: Do we need to agree with the artist’s lifestyle and or politics to appreciate their art and or to buy it?

Are you seriously asking me, an artist, this? If you study the works of an artist well enough and long enough, there is a point where you know how they believe and where they came from. Some artist’s have such a definitive style that when you pass a piece of their art work, you know exactly who’s it is without even having to figure out the identity. There are some people who purchase art to place in their household who they believe is a worthwhile display of credentials. It brings an air of exquisite formality to what they want to portray. (ex.: Some only buy picasso pieces, or monet, etc.) I think in some of these instances many people do care about the artist’s beliefs, etc. They wouldn’t dare put up a work of art with someone who committed suicide (van gogh). What does that say about them as a person?

Well… I  am hoping not to be bias, but I can honestly say that I think it’s ridiculous to judge artist’s based on how they live their life and their beliefs (politics, etc). Being able to admire and appreciate artist’s efforts, creativity, uniqueness, and message has nothing to do with what they believe. That would be somewhat racist in my opinion. Artists are human and come from so many different backgrounds and may or may not present what they believe. Art is universal. All types of messages can be shown in art work, but it is the observer that determines what that message means. It is the observer who appreciates the piece and if that piece touches their heart with a message communicated by a feeling (emotion, touch, perception), then who cares what the artist believes? Art is to enjoy. Art is to feel. Art is to communicate. Art is to appreciate. No matter where one comes from.

What do you believe?


Signing off~Uninhibited Ladi ❤



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