*Open Book and the Real You*


Are you an Open book? Lately I have been coming across a few blogs which talk about whether or not the internet is a place to show the real you or a semi-open version of you. This makes me wonder what identity people are actually showing to the open circuit out here on the net. Is it the real them or a lighter-weighted version of them? Could it be a completely make believe version of them altogether?

Now days there are so many ways and concepts (i.e. blogs, social networks, email, etc.) for people to create false identities. Like the show on MTV’s “Catfish” for instance, you can become a completely different persona. Why do people feel the need to do it? Is it like when you are a child and you play in your own enchanted fairytale land? Is it to keep life interesting because your real life is so extremely boring? Is it for the thrill of the chase or is it a place where you feel comfort at a safe distance hiding away from the world, the real true you?!

Then again, there are so many thoughts about whether the internet is really safe and if sharing who you truly are is what you need to be doing. Yes, there is a point in being smart and keeping your personal details of your identity private on some sites, especially when social networking. So the effort in creating an email specifically for those social sites are smart, but choosing what info you’d like to share is your prerogative. This brings me to my point of blog sharing and writing. How much is too much of an open book or how much is too little? I am new to this world of blogging and am excited in continuing on in this journey with others. I am looking forward to exploring new perspectives on life and feedback from others. For me, I think that if you are not sharing your true thoughts you are just hiding the real you. If you get ridiculed, so what? Those are your opinions. If you are harshly judged because your opinions are not that of others, who cares? No one has to be alike, that’s what makes us unique. If you are accused of not being sympathetic or sensitive enough with your words, and you really care about not offending your audience, then be considerate and change your tone trying a different approach. As long as it portrays the real you.

Sharing about what you think and who you are, about what you care about and want others to care about is challenging. But with that being said, I am choosing to be an open book. I desire others to know the real me and my thoughts, ideas, and many perspectives on life. I don’t want to be fake or a closed book to the world of social sites and blogging. I have been a closed book most of my life. Like on a beach I have tiptoed on the sand never actually allowing my feet to dig deep and sink into the grains with the water soaking into my skin and up to my soul. I thought I did, but never realized up until now that I hadn’t. Like the water flowing through waves rushing into the sand on the shore and rolling out leaving the sand damp with moisture, so too will I leave blank pages of a book open creating my writing, moist with thoughts and knowledge of the real me. Next weekend at the beach I am literally going to try this. Will you be an open book of the real you?

Signing off~Uninhibited Ladi ❤


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