*Introduce Yourself*


Today is April 15th and tomorrow is “World Voice Day”, on the 16th. So I figured why not get a head start on introducing my voice today? I am doing the 30 day 101 challenge on blogging. My first challenge today is to introduce myself. So here it goes…

The whole reason why I chose to blog publicly is to be a voice for myself and others who cannot speak up, share my opinions, and connect with others. When I blog personally, there is no feedback or people to discuss with. So I decided that blogging publicly is a great way to feel alive and connect. The main topic that I desire to write about or reach out for here is for Single Moms with Children and teens. Although, from time to time there may be topics posted here varying from thoughts on architecture, art, artists, books, celebrities, coffee, creativity, current events, design, health, humanity, family, music, musicians, poetry, nature, the ocean, relationships, social networking, etc…which are also things that interest me.

The main goal throughout this blogging journey is to be 100% true to myself on addressing any topics by being “Uninhibited” with my thoughts and expressions. When connecting with others I am allowing them to be Uninhibited with me with their thoughts and opinions and sharing back. This is why I chose the name “Uninhibited Ladi”. I feel too many people hold back now days. I want my page to be a place where people are welcome to my site as if entering into my home for the first time where you can be yourself and not have to hold back who you are or who you dream of wanting to be. You can reach me here through the comments section or email me @ nations_healer@yahoo.com regarding Single Moms and children. Let’s sit back and enjoy a mocha, green tea or whatever your drink of the day may be and join this journey of life together!

Signing off~ Uninhibited Ladi ❤


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