*Titles/Tag Lines*


Thinking about tag lines and branding makes you really wonder who you are and what part of yourself you want to represent to the world. What part of the world you came from could be what you show and bring forth to the table. What your upbringing is or was, what you want to be, what you consider yourself as, or who others believe you are…so you become that person.

There are so many various types of people and whenever you think of someone, words start pouring into your mind of who you identify them to be. Oh the “Loud Obnoxious Gal”, the “Quiet and Introverted” guy over there, “The Hipster Chick”, “The Rocker Dude”, or the “Hip Hop Mogul wanna be”. Everyone is someone or something that is tagged and labeled.

In the past, at times this used to rub me the wrong way. People would look at me and place various “Jackets” (Labels) on me. I was known as the “R&B Worship Singer Leader” (which I hated R&B by the way, I liked Jazz and Soulful House music), the “Young Hip Single Mom” (always Single), the “Encourager” (always helping others and lifting them up when they’re down), the “Creative & Rhyming Diva” (artsy and rhyming in convo’s), and more recently the “Introvert & Uninhibited Ladi” (completely changed and quiet but still speak my mind when I need to). Do you see a pattern? You see how there is two sides to everyone, maybe three or four, even more?

As I have grown older and experienced more, I have learned not to let such petty labels bother me or get me down if it’s something I tend to disagree with. Everyone sees people differently and will probably always label others whether they intend to or not. It is part of life and much of what we see is automatically sent to our brain to label an image and give it a name the way we see fit. So as I learn to watch the world grow I imagine where I am going in life and what I want out of life.

As I stated in my last blog about speaking our voice…since today is “World voice day”, I am branding on this blog who I am or will be. My Brand/Title: *Someone who speaks her mind (uninhibited), a world renown speaker, an author, one who is reserved yet compassionate, is kind and passionate about reaching out to help Single Moms around the world and help change lives*. How I will get there and how it will come to pass, only the Universe knows. I can’t wait for the days that I reach these goals. I am creative and artsy, and will integrate those ideas somehow into helping others.

My Tagline: *Reaching the Nations & Hurting Generations… one step at a time*. 

Signing off~Uninhibited Ladi ❤

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