Do you ever feel like your life is going nowhere fast and then suddenly it slows to a rolling lull where nothing happens? It can seem like centuries that you have been waiting for something… anything to happen. Just for you to move forward or in the right direction would be enough, and you are sitting there wondering when your breakthrough will surface and waiting for your miracle to come?

“The Miracle”:

“After an overdue heart-to-heart discussion with a long-term friend, I am sharing my blog with her for the first time today.”

(I read this on a blog post from @themiracleisaroundthecorner)

I cannot express how deeply these words touched me today, because this is exactly what happened to me. It’s funny isn’t it, how some of the same events can happen at the same time as others whether you are near or far?! This also spoke to me because I know I was meant to see this blog. The miracle is around the corner is an answer I have been waiting for and in many ways was exactly what my friend was telling me. I am beyond grateful for that conversation that happened tonight.

I have been stagnant for so long, waiting and wondering when it’s time to make my next move in life. Where to go? What should I do? Am I doing the right thing? Did I make a wrong choice? I don’t want to make a wrong choice or another mistake, yet again! Maybe I should not make a choice at all and just let life happen! I don’t know what to do anymore. I hit a brick wall, and can’t see the future! I am in a box and blocked on all sides. Many times daily, I have made moves towards a direction that I thought I should be going towards, and every single time I have tried, the doors are never open. They are sealed shut!  Being a Single Mom, raising a child, and living in the real world is not easy. We have it a million times harder when having all the responsibility put on our shoulders bearing all of life’s weight. Not to say that Married Mothers don’t, but they do have help most of the time at least, whereas Single Moms do not. Even children of Single parents feel that they are all alone in life, because parents are struggling to juggle relationships with their children while maintaining everything else that comes along in life. I have been battling life struggles for so long that at times I feel buried under cement, crushed and dead from fighting. While my child and I have in the past and now continue to struggle for finances to pay off debt, a job, food on the table, and clothes to wear… I am grateful for a roof over our head and the family that I do have that has helped us in whatever way they can.

Most of the time I feel though, that I am completely alone. However, I know that I am not alone and as I have said in a previous blog post, neither are you. There are many people out there in this world facing similar or the exact circumstances in life as my child and I. I believe the Universe brings situations and people in your life to show you that you are certainly not alone in this race and that there are people who can help you if you just speak up and reach out. I have been praying lately for a miracle. A breakthrough to help guide me towards what I need to do in life since I’ve felt I keep hitting brick walls.

I believe today that a breakthrough has come and my brick wall has opened. My miracle is right around the corner. My miracle is helping others. I am not sure how exactly this is going to happen but I know it will soon. I want and desire to help Single Moms and children just like me and my child. People who have next to nothing. I want to see them grow and flourish in this world that can be so overwhelming and consuming of destitution and pain. I want to see the light in their eyes that shows hope and faith in a better world, knowing that they can make it and are not alone because someone was able to help and believe in them. *If this is you or you know someone who fits this description, I invite you to contact me and reach out. Contact me here or @ nations_healer@yahoo.com. Share with me your struggles and pain. There are strength in numbers and there are ways where we can help find solutions and bloom like a gorgeous flower that has broken through the pavement!* Your breakthrough is near and my miracle is on the way!               Don’t you want that too?th-6

Signing off~ Uninhibited Ladi ❤


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