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*Behind the Beauty of Art*

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Van Gogh, Picasso, Michelangelo, Monet= Classics. These are artists who, even if you’re not an art lover or you like art but don’t know too much about paintings and artwork, you’ve heard these names a number of times, I’m sure. There are billions of artists known and unknown out there in this world. We pass by art everyday, whether we open our eyes to it or not, but indeed we are surrounded by it. Photography, mixed media, painting, drawings, street art, pictures in the froth on coffee, clouds, and even sunsets and sunrises by the hand of God and the universe!

The question that is presented in this daily prompt is: Do we need to agree with the artist’s lifestyle and or politics to appreciate their art and or to buy it?

Are you seriously asking me, an artist, this? If you study the works of an artist well enough and long enough, there is a point where you know how they believe and where they came from. Some artist’s have such a definitive style that when you pass a piece of their art work, you know exactly who’s it is without even having to figure out the identity. There are some people who purchase art to place in their household who they believe is a worthwhile display of credentials. It brings an air of exquisite formality to what they want to portray. (ex.: Some only buy picasso pieces, or monet, etc.) I think in some of these instances many people do care about the artist’s beliefs, etc. They wouldn’t dare put up a work of art with someone who committed suicide (van gogh). What does that say about them as a person?

Well… I  am hoping not to be bias, but I can honestly say that I think it’s ridiculous to judge artist’s based on how they live their life and their beliefs (politics, etc). Being able to admire and appreciate artist’s efforts, creativity, uniqueness, and message has nothing to do with what they believe. That would be somewhat racist in my opinion. Artists are human and come from so many different backgrounds and may or may not present what they believe. Art is universal. All types of messages can be shown in art work, but it is the observer that determines what that message means. It is the observer who appreciates the piece and if that piece touches their heart with a message communicated by a feeling (emotion, touch, perception), then who cares what the artist believes? Art is to enjoy. Art is to feel. Art is to communicate. Art is to appreciate. No matter where one comes from.

What do you believe?


Signing off~Uninhibited Ladi ❤



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