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*Within the Fog*



Walking sluggish, slightly stepping motions rolling forward, tiptoeing through the dense fog. Fog surrounding, wrapping itself around me, with a shivering cloak touched with the drenched and misted cold air. I weep, I sigh. I wake, I cry. My lead heavy head drags from one side to the next to balance my body from falling down from bed. No shelter from the damp frigid weight I feel digging down to my core. My stomach jolts and tumbles and shouts “let me free, let me out… Send me peace from my tortured soul, make me well, make me whole”. I weep, I sigh, I wake, I cry. All I long to do is lay down and die. I know that this cannot be. As I walk on this never ending journey. A path of dead ends, where new life refuses to simply begin. The fog rolls in and I am marching in time to the beat of my dying heart pumping a near flatline. I weep, I sigh, I wake, I cry.

~Uninhibited Ladi*

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Which way to go

Everyday in everyway

My thoughts cannot know

One way takes the lead

Then another interferes

All I think about is

How can I be clear

When the only thing I hear

Is the battle going on

From deep within my ears

Shall I go or shall I stay

And if I do then which way

A cloud over my head

So I do nothing instead

Wishing I was dead

Knowing that cannot be

So I simply just be

Just be…me…

Wanting to be free.

~Uninhibited Ladi*

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